Guaranteed Money Episode 28: Inside Fanatics World Domination Plan

On this episode of Guaranteed Money, host Ryan Doyle and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell look at why Fanatics is sitting on the sidelines instead of going public. They look to reshape the sports betting and the world. Listen to the full podcast to find out how.

Also on this episode, Doyle and Varrell discuss Elon and his plans to buy Twitter. Genius move, or not? Love him or hate him, Elon draws some big opinions. Feel free to weigh in with your thoughts in the comments of this episode.

The Masters prize money was listed in eath. Is there a possibility that sports athletes might be paid in crypto, and might it even happen to prize pools within a calendar year? Well, these countries might just make it happen.

Varrell and Doyle discuss how lessons from Kenya might one day apply to your local sports book. Should the industry adopt the model? You might be surprised at how many Kenyan youths have tried sports betting, and how many are actually doing it on a daily basis.

Hear their thoughts on the upcoming NBA playoffs and who the favored picks are. And get the lowdown on some of the players we love – and love to hate. Be sure to listen to the whole full episode of Guaranteed Money #28 right here on The Dales Report. To view episode 27 click here.

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