Guaranteed Money Episode #62: University Of Miami Recruit Jaden Rashada Makes Bank

We hope everyone on both sides of the border had a great holiday weekend, with Friday being Canada Day and Monday being July 4th. It’s a great time to tackle the idea of traditions all around, including the highly controversial subject of how much college athletes are getting paid. Guaranteed Money host Ryan Doyle and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell break Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) down, and more. Even if we could go on for a half hour about smoking meat, grills, and BBQ done well, the real red meat that everyone’s here for is conversation on the world of sports and sports betting.

If you missed the last podcast, we ended talking about NIL. Here we are at the one-year anniversary of NIL, and Ryan feels like it has benefitted sports and athletes alike. Women athletes have seen a lot of balance created when it comes to money coming in. There’s a real potential for athletes to be making money if they are a big name and doing their jobs right.

There’s a downside, so claims Anthony, and it’s not just that he’s hugely jealous of some of these kids making huge amounts of money. Right now, there’s a controversy surrounding Jaden Rashada, who signed a deal of $9.5 million with the University of Miami. Does Varrell have some legitimate concerns? You’ll have to listen in. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments of the episode.

There’s lots more to tackle in this podcast. Find out what the guys make of the NFL hiring a guy by the name of David Highhill – he’s now the Vice President General Manager of Sports betting, the league’s first position solely focused on overseeing their business in the sports betting industry. Also, is this the worst PGA field ever? Furthermore, we have some thoughts on why Pete Rose should be forgiven, and you might be really interested to hear this last one: Anthony received a late-night call from Kenny Lofton.

Find out why in this episode of Guaranteed Money!

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