Guaranteed Money Episode 14: Kelly Stewart On The Las Vegas Strip

Host Ryan Doyle of Guaranteed Money is on the Las Vegas Strip, heart of the sports betting world. Joining him for the tour of the strip is one of the world’s most well-known sports handicappers, none other than Barstool SportsKelly Stewart.

Together, Stewart and Doyle explore how decreasing stigma is encouraging more people to explore wagering on sports, and the changes that have happened to Vegas over the past decades. If you thought Vegas was more of a mob town still, you might just be surprised to find out how very wrong you are.

Get some hot gossip on this past college football season, the states that might be legalizing sports betting in the future, and how the industry might try to take advantage of the upcoming audiences for wagering that are coming up for grabs. Plus, how does Stewart feel about other women trying to enter the space and how they’re treated in a predominantly male industry?

Also on this episode: find out how Kelly Stewart chooses her picks and who she is favouring for March Madness. How have your own picks for our March Madness contest stacked up?

All this and more on Episode 14 of Guaranteed Money, right here on The Dales Report. To view episode 13 click here.

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