Diamond Hands Podcast Episode #3: Numinus CEO On The Maintenance Model For Depression

TDR has introduced The Diamond Hands Podcast, a weekly broadcast featuring TDR Founder/President Shadd Dales, prominent industry investor Anthony Varrell, and TDR Lead Financial Writer Benjamin A. Smith to provide value-add investor insights into the verticals we cover. This includes analysis, the narratives moving our sectors of coverage, the stocks that we like best, and more. The weekly podcast is a natural extension to the TDR platform, which has always strived to become a multi-faceted platform for prescient industry content.

With Ben taking a few days off for some summer sun, we invited Numinus Wellness CEO Payton Nyquvest to the program to impart insights on where the current psychedelics landscape resides today.

Episode #3 CliffsNotes…


@ 0:58-1:53 Anthony’s reaction to last week’s Curaleaf Holdings Q2 2021 earnings report.

@ 1:54-3:50 Discussion on Boris Jordan’s prediction that legislation will pass in the Senate by April 2022; COVID and the “sell in May and go away” price action taking place in the sector; Anthony is accumulating and talks about how the fundamentals in the sector belie the moribund price action.

@ 3:51-4:28 Trulieve Cannabis and Harvest Health & Recreation merger talk, as both companies reported financial results last week. In May 2021, Trulieve agreed to acquire Harvest Health in an all-stock deal valued at about $2.1 billion, although the acquisition has yet to close.


@ 14:50-16:52 Analysis on last week’s Poly Network, in which over $600 million was stolen, making it one of the largest DeFi hacks to date. Assets stolen included about $253 million in tokens on Binance Smart Chain, $266 million in Ethereum tokens and $85 million in USDC on the Polygon network, according to cryptocurrency wallet addresses disclosed by Poly.

@ 16:53-17:59 The net effect of the Poly Network hack and the potential boomerang effect on Coinbase.

@ 18:00-21:28 Discussion on the amendment to the infrastructure bill that would redefine who falls subject to cryptocurrency regulation requirements will be brought for a unanimous consent vote on Monday. There are conflicting ideas on the motivation of the amendment and who it is expected to protect.


@ 5:20-14:49 Numinus Wellness CEO Payton Nyquvest talks psychedelic sector catalysts, the validations of results in the market, MAPS results for PTSD, the maintenance model for depression and more.

For the weekly Diamond Hands Podcast stock picks, please tune in until the end.

To view Diamond Hands Podcast Episode #2, click here.


In accordance with an executed agreement between The Dales Report and Numinus Wellness, The Dales Report is engaged with the aforementioned on a 12-month contract for $10,000 per month, with the purpose of publicly disseminating information pertaining to Numinus Wellness via The Dales Report’s media assets, encompassing its website, diverse social media platforms, and YouTube channel. Compensation for The Dales Report services involves the receipt of a predefined monetary consideration, which may, on certain occasions, encompass ordinary shares in instances where monetary compensation was not obtained. In such instances where share compensation was received, The Dales Report hereby asserts the right to engage in the acquisition or disposition of such shares subsequent to the conclusion of the aforementioned contractual period, in compliance with provincial, state, and federal securities regulations. Please refer to the “Disclosures” section below, which is to be interpreted in conjunction with this disclaimer.

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