How Numinus Wellness Is Reacting To Lykos’ Rebrand

Join Shadd Dales, host, and founder of The Dales Report Trade To Black podcast as he interviews Payton Nyquvest, Co-founder, Chair, and CEO of Numinus Wellness, in light of some of the developments with Lykos Therapeutics.

Lykos Therapeutics may be more familiar to you as MAPS PBC. They underwent a recent rebrand, and not only did they submit a new drug approval to the FDA, they recently enjoyed a $100 million dollar financing round led by Helena, a global investing organization that also touts themselves as a global problem-solving one. We touched base on this some also in our last livestream. Be sure to catch up on it here if you missed it.

If you hang about our social stream regularly, Payton Nyquvest barely needs an introduction; not only is he a key player in the psychedelic therapeutics industry, he’s also a fairly regular guest on our podcasts. He’s a fantastic source of information about the news happening in the psychedelics industry and the evolving landscape of psychedelic medicine. We’re thrilled to welcome him back this podcast once more.

Tune in and explore with us how Numinus Wellness itself has been impacted by Lykos’ FDA application and phenomenal fundraising round. Is Numinus Wellness agile enough to adapt to changes in the industry, and how have changes in the space impacted their mission?

Lykos’ rebrand was deep and thorough, also redesigning their board. Does this rebrand influence Numinus’ future in any way? What’s the significance of the 8-member board and mission alignment for Numinus and the industry? Payton will give an inside look into how Numinus is reacting to Lykos and other recent changes in the space, and explain his company’s role in driving growth and innovation in psychedelics.

We’ll also chat about how growing interest in the industry has affected therapist recruitment and training, and the work being done to advance accessibility and acceptance of psychedelic treatments in mental health.


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