Trade To Black Podcast 23: Federal Regulatory Momentum Shifting Sentiment In MSOS, Jushi Holdings

In this week’s Trade To Black Podcast, Shadd Dales and Benjamin A. Smith discuss a range of issues specific to the cannabis sector, including this week’s strength in AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF (NYSEARCA: MSOS), the letter sent to Ranking and Committee Senate members in an advance of the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, and more. Special guest is Jushi Holdings Inc.(CNSX:JUSH) (OTCMKTS:JUSHF) Director of Investor Relations, Todd B. Green.

Trade To Black Podcast Episode 23 CliffsNotes…


@1:57 Todd Green and Shadd Dales met in 2019. Life has changed since.

@2:40 Chuck Schumer sent a letter to Ranking and Committee members in the Senate to solicit input and guidance for a cannabis bill (CAOA) he’s looking to introduce in April. Todd Green weighs-in.

@4:49 Benjamin A. Smith also weighs-in, but echoes many analyst sentiments that the SAFE Banking amendment will probably get blocked from the COMPETES Act in conference, similar to how SAFE was block in the NDAA in December. Still thinks federal reform has a good chance of passing this year.

@6:04 Jushi Holdings CEO Jim Cacioppo felt earlier that SAFE Banking had a good chance of passing this year. Either way, the company is operating the same way it always has as the regulatory landscape plays out.

@7:12 Everybody understands how big SAFE Banking would be to the industry. Benjamin A. Smith discusses just one reason why implementation is so imperative.

@8:11 Benjamin A. Smith believes the real window for SAFE Banking is after Chuck Schumer introduces CAOA (presuming it fails, as many analysts believe).

@9:25 Is it a surprise that we’re still talking about legislative gridlock after all these years?

@12:00 The many benefits of SAFE Banking.

@13:10 Todd Green’s opinion on the impact that legalization will have on the cannabis space once it reaches the holy grail.

@15:15 The Pennsylvania state legislature is starting the process of looking into the benefits of adult-use cannabis. Pennsylvania is by far Jushi Holding’s biggest single state footprint. Timelines on when and where the regulatory winds are going.

@19:45 Opinions about adult-use cannabis legalization spreading to other currently restricted states.

@20:55 What is the message Jushi Holdings is communicating to investors during the trying times in U.S. cannabis, from a capital markets perspective?

@22:55 The advantage of Andres Neumann leading Jushi Holding’s marketing and branding initiatives. In 2020, Andreas Neumann received a Grammy award, recognizing his participation as a photographer on Desert Sessions Volume 11 & 12 for best recording package.

@26:13 Benjamin A. Smith discusses the jump in MSOS this week and good headline momentum and inflows driving the price action.

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