Women in Crypto: How BFF Is Setting Out To Bring Women Into Web3 and NFTs

Women are missing out on a multi-trillion dollar investment opportunity says BFF, an organization dedicated to getting women and non-binary people into crypto, NFTs and web3. On today’s episode of Women in Crypto with Nicolle Hodges, BFF founder Jaime Schmidt joins the show to talk about how their organization is here to help.

Financial freedom for women is an important step in the promotion of gender equality, but the web3 market is currently 81% male. Blockchain, NFTs, and cryptocurrency sound like buzzwords to many people just beginning to explore the space, and the value of these new technologies is poorly understood.

BFF is hosted by more than 50 of the leading women in crypto and web3, and their mission is aimed at helping women and nonbinary people understand the opportunities if the space as investors, creators, artists, and business people. Their first goal: bring more women into the space by demystifying it.

They’ve launched Twitter, IG and Discord to tap into overlooked audiences, and are ready to invite people in to quietly learn. Listen to the full podcast to learn more about BFF and the vision of the women who founded it.

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