Bill McNarland Favorite Articles of Last Week

As selected by Bill McNarland, here is his favorite stories last week that he wrote:

1)EU Allocates €6.5M for Psychedelic Study

Learn about the EU’s €6.5M investment in the PsyPal trial, a pivotal study examining psilocybin therapy for palliative care patients. This blog detailed this significant research effort, its goals, and potential impact on palliative care practices.

2) FTX Sale Impact on Bitcoin and ETFs in 2024

Discover how FTX’s sale and recent Bitcoin ETF developments have influenced the cryptocurrency market in 2024. This blog provides a straightforward analysis of these key financial events.

3)Cannabis Company Acquisition Speculation

Read my latest analysis on potential acquisition targets in the cannabis industry. Focusing on companies undervalued compared to their liquidation values, our blog offers insights into why these firms are attractive for larger companies seeking expansion. We also discuss the use of Tangible Liquidation Value % Ratio in predicting profitable acquisitions. For a detailed look at the top ten acquisition targets this month, check out the full article.

4) TDR University

This week, we launched a series of blogs aimed at educating our readers about key financial metrics used in our analyses and blogs. We covered Book Value Per Share, Tangible Book Value Per Share, and Tangible Liquidation Value % Per Share. We’re planning to introduce a new section on our website and eventually compile these insights into a book. Please let us know if there are any specific metrics you would like us to include in our discussions.

5) RAP-C: Stalling California Psychedelic Studies

Consider the challenges facing psychedelic and addiction treatment research in California in our blog. We look into how the Research Advisory Panel of California (RAP-C) is causing delays, sparking debates over its necessity and impact on scientific progress. This standstill affects studies on conditions like PTSD, depression, and substance use disorder. Find out more about the calls for change and the potential consequences for medical research in the state.

This week’s selection of articles, handpicked by Bill McNarland, spans a range of timely topics. From the EU’s groundbreaking PsyPal trial to the impacts of the FTX sale on Bitcoin, the speculation on cannabis company acquisitions, the informative TDR University series, and the challenges faced by psychedelic research in California, each piece offers unique insights and in-depth analysis. Make sure you are subscribed to our daily newsletter Half Baked to in order to keep up to date with all of our writing.

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