Guaranteed Money #67: How BetMGM Became The King Of The Betting Jungle

In this episode of Guaranteed Money, host Ryan Doyle sits down for a fireside chat with BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt at the Canadian Gaming Summit. It’s one of Ryan’s favorite chats, and be sure to listen in to find out why.

BetMGM is a fairly young company when it comes to the space, having just launched in 2018. But they’ve risen to prominence very quickly, and are now one of the major brands in the space. Adam shares some of the history of the company with Ryan, so we can all hear about how it began and how they got to the spot that they’re in today.

Adam feels that one of the most distinguishing features of the BetMGM brand is the link to physical properties, both its resorts and third party casinos, synthesizing the retail experience with a digital experience. It’s a unique feature, and it’s enabled through their equally unique loyalty program. But it does seem to be paying off for MGM, since they’re demonstrating at scale the benefits of linking the digital and physical spaces, growing both.

Ryan thinks that they’re now the King of the betting jungle, and we’re curious to know if you agree. Have you had a chance yourself to experience their customer proposition? Be sure to jump into the conversation on our social media in comments, and let us know what you think. As always, we love hearing from our fans.

So don’t miss out on this episode. This wide-ranging chat also looks at Ontario’s regulatory changes since April 4. Adam has some insights to share on the future of the gaming industry that you’re not going to want to skip, and if you’re curious to know how well MGM is doing now in the province, he’s got some exciting figures to share on how the company has done since the launch of iGaming. That and more in Guaranteed Money!

To view our episode #66 click here.

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