Roundhill Investments CEO Investing Big On Sports Betting: Why You Should Get In Now

It’s been a highly profitable for those who got in early when sports betting companies first went public. While that early spike in value might have been a one time surge, all indicators suggest that this is a market that is poised for steady, long-term growth.

The Dales Report connected with Will Hershey, co-founder and president of Roundhill Investments, to discuss the promising future of the sports betting industry.

Roundhill’s BETZ, the first ETF solely centered around the emerging industry, has delivered over 35% in returns in its first five months. With three more states approving sports betting legislation in 2020 election cycle, the ETF reported its largest value increase in weeks.

With over $152 million in assets, BETZ is proving to be a must have for those looking to buy into a diverse, yet well constructed fund that will continue to gain as the legalization of sports betting continues to expand.

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