Tilray Is Acquiring Eight Anheuser Busch Brands

You may have seen the surprising news where Anheuser-Busch (NYSE: BUD) entered into an agreement to sell eight of their brands to Tilray Brands Inc (NASDAQ: TLRY), a cash deal worth about $85m. Acquiring these eight brands from Anheuser-Busch will not only triple their brands and beer sales volume, it will make Tilray America’s fifth largest craft beer brewer.

This episode of the Trade To Black podcast, we take a closer look at the evolving agreement between a long-time beer brewing company and Tilray – a cannabis-lifestyle, pharmaceutical, and CPG company. Tilray’s not only been expanding their craft beer line, they’ve been developing more alternative beverages including some that are cannabis infused. Anthony Varrell, Benjamin A. Smith, and Shadd Dales discuss this product in light of the decreasing interest in alcohol consumption. Will such offerings be successful in joining the ‘Beyond Beer’ trend? If they are well-received, perhaps the future of the cannabis industry will look more like a cold beverage.

As earnings season continues to roll in, we also dive into Q2 earnings report of Verano. Much like TerrAscend, their report is looking pretty good. Verano comes in at $230m with 49% revenue and a lower EBITDA despite the company’s double tax liability and debts. What does having a double tax liability mean and how should one interpret that as an investor? We’ll talk about that here, along with the top states that have a growing cannabis market. These could be good prospects for several companies.

We touched on Cronos and their earnings report in a previous podcast a little bit. Currently, they’re sitting on $841m in cash. You might be wondering why. Does having a huge cash position work in the long-term or does this mean that the company is wasting investment opportunities? We’ll share our thoughts right here on this episode of Trade To Black!

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