Universal Music Group Partners With Firm To Create AI-Assisted Music

Universal Music Group (UMG) has joined forces with artificial intelligence (AI) music company Endel in a groundbreaking partnership aimed at exploring the potential of AI-assisted music production, according to reports. The collaboration, which focuses on the creation of “functional music,” has sparked a lively debate within the industry and with consumers. For UMG, this alliance marks a significant step forward, as the music industry has traditionally approached AI integration with caution.

For its part, UMG reiterated that it is committed to ensuring ethical AI use, safeguarding artist rights, and preventing further saturation of the music market. The plan is to harness AI’s ability to watermark and establish authentication biomarkers so that the artist’s content is protected.

While UMG is surging forward in this brave new world, the response to the integration from artists, fans, and the wider music community remains uncertain. Nevertheless, the collaboration has already led label artists from Republic and Interscope Records to begin working on tracks together. UMG’s Executive Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, Michael Nash, emphasized the importance of ethically employing AI tools to enhance artistic creativity for their artists, labels, and composers, according to Rolling Stone.

UMG’s partnership with Endel reflects the increasing significance of AI in the music industry. Recent controversies surrounding the use of cloned voices of famous musicians in AI-generated songs have sparked distrust and contention among music enthusiasts. Furthermore, concerns have been raised about AI-generated art following a recent incident involving an AI image depicting an explosion near the Pentagon, which caused panic in the stock market.

As the 2024 United States presidential election draws nearer, worries about the influence of deepfakes on democracy have escalated, further highlighting the need for caution and responsible use of AI technology.

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