TDR And Pablo Zuanic Talk Germany’s Market Potential

Welcome back to the midweek Trade To Black Podcast. We’ve got an exciting episode for you today. We will cover the IIPR earnings, the Canadian Revenue Agency getting serious about tax enforcement in Canada, and in our interview we’ll talk with Pablo Zuanic about a research report he did on Germany and their cannabis market.

Shadd Dales, Anthony Varrell, and GUAP weigh in on the recent headlines, kicking off with IIPR. Among the highlights, Innovative Industrial Properties reported a revenue increase of 12% and a net income increase of 5% for the full year 2023 compared to 2022. IIPR also continued its trend of increasing dividends and expanding their portfolio to 108 properties in 19 states. Anthony emphasizes that unlike some of their competitors, IIPR is concentrated in some of the best markets they would want to be in.

Up north, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), Canada’s tax collection agency, has announced their intention to follow though on a threat to garnish cash from licensed cannabis producers (LPs) who are delinquent in their excise duty payments. In Canada, licensed producers must pay federal excise duties when products are delivered to a purchaser. As of approximately a year ago, March 2023, LPs owed some $192m. The real number is likely higher than that.

This said, the Canadian Finance Committee made recommendations change the excise tax, potentially easing financial burdens. We talk about the potential repercussions for companies and the significance for licensed producers in both cases.

Don’t miss our in-depth conversation with Pablo Zuanic on Germany’s recent cannabis legislation, addressing misconceptions and the actual state of legalization, including its effect on medical and adult-use markets. Pablo Zuanic is a seasoned equity analyst renowned for his expertise in the cannabis and psychedelics sectors.

Be sure to like and subscribe so you never miss an episode, especially since GTII, Truelieve and Verano’s earnings report will be coming up. It’ll be a nice, busy couple of days, and we’ll see you again soon, right here on The Dales Report!

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