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Get a quick update on today’s TDR News! We’ve condensed the most important information about Cannabis, Psychedelics, Crypto and Miners, AI, Small Cap REITS and Large $$ Volume Mega Caps into a brief format, saving you time and keeping you informed as you start your day. 

Recap of Monday

The TDR Comprehensive Cannabis Index experienced a 1% decline following several strong days, with the TDR Retail Cannabis Index leading the charge with a remarkable 14% surge. Additionally, the TDR Crypto Indexes witnessed a notable uptick of over 5%. Over the past two weeks, there has been significant encouragement for investors within the sectors we monitor.

What’s Driving the Market Today?

The futures are up almost a half of percent this morning, here is what is in focus globally for stocks:

  • Boeing’s CEO change boosts stock over 1%.
  • AI leaders Nvidia, Micron up; Intel, AMD down on China news.
  • Mixed US housing data; new home sales fall in February.
  • Bitcoin exceeds $70,000; Grayscale sees $1.9B outflows.
  • China’s Xi to meet US business leaders; stocks, dollar steady.

Let’s examine the highlights from companies in the TDR Comprehensive Cannabis Index!

  1. Decibel (TSXV: DB, OTCQB: DBCCF) announces CEO Paul Wilson’s retirement, preparing for a leadership transition. We have noted over a dozen leadership changes in cannabis companies since the year began, it’s a year of turnover as firms strive for change.
  2. Organigram (TSX: OGI, NASDAQ: OGI) received Health Canada’s final ruling, classifying Edison Jolts as edible cannabis, despite attempts for ingestible extract classification. This distinction significantly affects THC limits, with “extracts” allowed 100 times more THC per package than “edibles,” impacting consumer appeal. This regulatory change lowers the profit margins for companies in this segment. Again, bad news from over regulation.

Cannabis News 

  1. Learn about D-Limonene, a citrus-scented terpene found in certain cannabis strains and citrus peels, and its role in collaborating with THC to diminish anxiety while preserving the medicinal advantages of cannabis. Read about  this fascinating synergy on the TDR Website!
  1. Tammy Sigurdur was fined $5,000 for accidentally giving out THC-laced candy to trick-or-treaters in Winnipeg, Canada. The candies, resembling Nerds, highlight the risks of cannabis edibles in unregulated forms. Another example of someone carelessness making the industry look bad.
  2. A policewoman in Dublin was sentenced to six months in jail for stealing €70 worth of cannabis evidence, with three months suspended for probation and counseling. Despite denials, her intoxicated state and evidence led to her conviction, highlighting the contentious issue of cannabis legality amid widespread use.
  3. California Sober may have something to it. A systematic review highlights cannabidiol’s (CBD) effects on brain activity relevant to alcohol use disorder, showing potential for symptom management. CBD modulates neurotransmitters and brain regions involved in AUD, suggesting therapeutic possibilities. Read all about it on the TDR Website!

Cannabis Policy Highlights from our Friends at Marijuana Moment:

  1. Hawaii’s Senate-passed marijuana legalization bill barely passed a House floor vote, facing opposition warning of public safety concerns. The bill now moves to the House Finance Committee for further scrutiny. Hawaii, like a few other US states, is really struggling to get this through as there are both democrats and republicans trying to stall or stop it.
  2. House GOP Committee opposes marijuana banking legislation and criticizes cannabis as a “gateway drug” linked to mental health issues. The rebukes from the GOP are not based on science and sound bites only from the war on drugs, younger Republicans are seeing how obscure the reasoning is.
  3. Study finds 70% of Colorado marijuana products overstate THC potency, suggesting lab fraud. This raises concerns for consumer trust and calls for industry transparency. For long term credibility, these issues must be addressed.

Psychedelic News:

  1. Utah governor allows a bill for a psilocybin and MDMA pilot program without signing, citing strong legislative support. The program aims for alternative treatments at select hospitals despite federal status concerns. Utah, a traditional conservative state, is following the science and big picture of the benefits, a hopeful trend in other US states.

Crypto and Crypto Miners:

  1. Robinhood and Revolut expand crypto offerings as Bitcoin hits a new high of $73,750 ahead of its halving. The more access regular people have, more demand is created that should lead to higher prices.


  1. The Philippines’ SEC moves to block Binance for operating without a license, affecting its large user base. Despite numerous regulatory obstacles, the trend towards less regulation over time is encouraging for future pricing.


  1. Late audits and companies not being able to find an accountant is real, I have seen this multiple times over the last few years.  Field Guide raises $30M to use AI in solving the global accountant shortage, backed by Elad Gil and 8VC.

Big $ Volume Big Caps Highlights:

  1. Collaboration has become a workplace buzzword since Covid. Here’s a sweeter take: McDonald’s and Krispy Kreme will offer fresh doughnuts nationwide by the end of 2026, starting the rollout in the second half of 2024.

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