Influential Argentinian Cryptocurrency Millionaire Found Dismembered In Suitcase

Authorities in Buenos Aires, Argentina, have located the body of Fernando Pérez Algaba, a prominent 41-year-old Argentine influencer who specialized in the cryptocurrency market. His remains were found dismembered inside a suitcase, leading investigators to consider the possibility of a targeted act of vengeance.

Following an extensive search that spanned over a week, local security forces made the grim discovery after children playing nearby stumbled upon the suitcase containing Pérez’s body. Subsequently, his head was found in another bag at the same location.

Fernando Pérez Algaba was also known by the nickname ‘Lettuce”, had been reported missing since July 19 after his return to Buenos Aires. His disappearance came to light when the owner of the property he was renting alerted the authorities due to Pérez not returning the keys and failing to respond to calls.

In his online presence, Pérez portrayed a narrative of success and personal growth. He shared stories of his journey, which began at the age of 14, gradually advancing to buying and selling automobiles, a profession he pursued until his untimely demise. However, his prominence primarily emanated from his activities in the cryptocurrency realm.

Displaying a lavish lifestyle that featured luxury cars, extravagant travel, and jewelry, Pérez faced skepticism from some who associated such behavior with fraudulent or pyramid scheme involvements.

Recent reports have surfaced concerning Pérez’s indebtedness to the Argentine tax agency, leading to liquidity issues within his company, ‘Motors Lettuce SRL.’ Additionally, evidence suggests that he faced financial challenges after investing in a cryptocurrency venture.

Another significant aspect contributing to the notion of a reckoning is a debt of $US40,000 owed to an individual associated with the Boca Juniors barras bravas. A message found on Pérez’s mobile phone, wherein he acknowledges his financial troubles and hints at potential harm befalling him, further bolsters the reckoning hypothesis.

According to forensic analysis, the cause of Pérez’s death can be attributed to three gunshot wounds, followed by dismemberment, indicating a sense of urgency in the actions of the assailants.

Regarding potential perpetrators, available information remains limited. However, an Infobae report suggests that authorities have detained a transgender woman, who allegedly stole the suitcase containing Pérez’s remains. This individual’s residence is situated close to the site of the discovery.

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