DeFi Available To All With New App: WonderFi Simplifies Decentralized Finance

WonderFi Technologies Inc.(NEO: WNDR) (OTCMKTS: WONDF) continues with its mission to make financial investing and DeFi accessible to all, and the group is one step closer now that a release date for their highly anticipated app has been established.

The WonderFi App is scheduled to make its desktop debut on January 25th, 2022, with the group’s mobile app expected to follow shortly after the initial launch. The app grants users direct access to decentralized finance, allowing them to take control of managing their assets without the need for, and the expenses of a middleman.

Banks and brokerage firms have long profited off of a user’s financial transactions, and exchanges have now forced users to sacrifice a percentage of all crypto transactions. The world of DeFi has granted alternative, cost effective solutions to those looking to take control of their own financial portfolios, but these platforms have been somewhat restricted to highlevel traders and brokers.

WonderFi and their web app look to disrupt this space by making the complex arena of decentralized finance accessible to all.

In advance of the application’s launch, WonderFi also revealed their new “Money Goals” initiative, a series dedicated to educating and improving the financial literacy of today’s youth.

With the company openly targeting Gen Z users, WonderFi is working in conjunction with brand ambassador and social media influencer Josh Richards of Animal Capital. Collectively the group looks to create resources for pre-teens and teenagers looking to learn about finance.

“There is a huge gap right now and we are working together to solve it,” adds WonderFi partner Josh Richards.

Money Goals looks to break the mold of traditional, textbook-style, learning with a more engaging method that involves influencers and voices more relatable to the targeted age group. With the aforementioned goal of making DeFi available to everyone, both the app and educational series look to accommodate all users, regardless of age, race, and financial status.

Money Goals will kick off January 5th on Instagram with a Q&A session scheduled to feature a number of high profile celebrities, experts, and entrepreneurs.

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