Mydecine Innovations CMO Talks MYCO-001 Clinicals & Future Of Psychedelic Therapeutics

Dr. Rakesh Jetly, chief medical officer at Mydecine Innovations, sits down with The Dales Report once again to walk us through the latest advances he and his team are making to further the use of psychedelics in therapeutic practices.

As many psychedelic stock investors already know, the biopharmaceutical company recently revealed that it had filed its final patent application with the US Patent & Trademark Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization for MYCO-003, Mydecine’s leading drug intended to combat anxiety and PTSD.

This announcement came with the news that Mydecine had also received promising preclinical results supporting further research into the same MYCO-003 drug. These tests look to determine if MYCO-003 has the potential to offer a better, more controlled alternative to psilocybin for the reduction of anxiety in patients.

Jetly jokes that the team did not view COVID as a “dog ate my homework” excuse, and despite the strict restrictions implemented in Canada, Mydecine has managed to keep the gears turning in their quest to revolutionize psychedelic therapeutics.

“We’ve moved along, and the extraction, the production, you know, our MYCO-001, the actual naturally sourced psilocybin is, is just about ready for showtime. So the preclinicals are being done. So that’s exciting. Our two thrusts at the other end are sort of the PTSD trial that was spoken about. And we can talk today a little bit about the smoking cessation, which I’m really pumped about.”

“So it’s all hands on deck full operations, and I think that, as we’re sort of lifting some of the COVID restrictions, and we’re able to travel a bit more and visit each other and get things going. It’s going to be a really exciting next few months.”

Jetly goes on to express the excitement that comes with seeing the increased coverage of psychedelic therapeutics within the mainstream media, and how that has drastically increased over the past few months.

When asked if he thought the media outlets were getting this topic right, he offered an insightful answer.

“Well, I think they are, I mean, the hyperbole of like the miracle cure and things like that we’re all kind of tempering that with responsible science, right? So I, you know, one person says, I took this and it saved my life. That’s a fantastic story. But science, that’s an anecdote. That’s not science. We didn’t, we don’t know what would have happened if you didn’t take it, right?”

“All of my colleagues from every company, from every academia, are all speaking with cautious optimism, right? And I think that’s the way we should speak. So I understand the media, you understand the media, too. You need to have a headline and need people to read the article. So yeah, so I love the one-on-one ‘hey this saved my life, I felt that way,’ but you’d love it if that person represents 100 people that have this treatment, compared to 100 people that had placebo, and you know, the person represents a typical person from the study.”

The conversation turns to the MYCO-001 drug, a compound developed by Mydecine and currently being researched in conjunction with Johns Hopkins University for smoking cessation.

Jetly provides listeners with an unprecedented look behind the doors of thor revolutionary trial and sheds some light on its potential implications in the medical world.

Part 1 of this two-part interview serves to offer those investing in psychedelic stocks a unique glimpse at the voices and brain trust driving these revolutionary studies. But don’t take our word for it. Grab a drink, sit back, and let Dr. Rakesh Jetly himself take you on a backstage tour of Mydecine Innovations.

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