Mydecine Patent Filing Links Psychedelic Therapeutics & PTSD: Psychedelic Stock Investing

Having just filed its final patent application for its leading drug candidate MYCO-003, Mydecine Innovations Group is steadily building momentum into what looks to be a promising fourth quarter.

Mydecine Chief Scientific Officer Rob Roscow joins The Dales Report to discuss the company’s latest developments and to further elaborate on MYCO-003 and its potential as a psychedelic therapeutic.

“MYCO-003 stems from our interest in severe PTSD patients, and if you think about severe PTSD patients undergoing psilocybin therapy, there’s a growing acceptance that this will be very beneficial to the actual therapy on either side of the psilocybin experience.”

“However, the acute psilocybin experience can be very anxiety causing, colloquially what’s often referred to as a bad trip in a recreational context. So this formula is specifically designed to eliminate or severely reduce the risk of a bad trip during therapeutic use of psilocybin.”

To accomplish this, Roscow and the team at Mydecine have taken the most promising properties of both MYCO-001 and MYCO-002 and leveraged them together.

“And so we have a serotonin releasing agent, psilocybin there for the same benefit that we’re seeing in 001 matched with a serotonin releasing agent similar to MDMA. The idea here is that we can match the neuroplasticity effects seen in therapy with psilocybin with the sense of well-being and lowered anxiety profile seen in therapy with MDMA.”

Roscow continues, “the combination of those two properties is really exciting, not only to the company, but this is sort of, I think, to me that the best sort of accolade or, you know, check mark in the right direction in this, right is our researchers who are doing the first round of PTSD research are very, very excited about this formulation. They recognize this as an issue that needs to be addressed.”

The public’s perception of psychedelics has seen a radical transformation over recent years, with this once-taboo subject now making its way onto the debate floors at the highest levels of government. Leading bioscience and biopharmaceutical companies are now listed on public exchanges, giving people the opportunity to invest in psychedelics through a number of psychedelic stock options.

While the transformation from ‘party drug’ to ‘therapeutic miracle’ is not one that will take place overnight, Roscoe and the team at Mydecine are focusing much of their energy on eliminating the stigmatisms associated with psychoactive chemical interactions, most notably ‘bad trips’ and the associated anxiety.

“The therapists that are working in the field now currently deal with this by just supporting patients during difficult times during the drug part of the therapy. But you can imagine patients that are thinking about this and deciding whether this is the right treatment for them, knowing that there’s a design aspect of the drug that they’ll be taking during therapy that’s removing or severely reducing that anxiety, I think what really makes it more encouraging to have more patients, you know, start the treatment and therefore really expand access.”

The conversation dives deeper into PTSD, its causes, and the overall misinformation surrounding the mental disorder. While most commonly associated with military personnel who have experienced intense combat situations, Roscoe suggests that the disorder can stem from a range of stressful and traumatic experiences.

The rebranding of both mental disorders and psychedelics is imperative, as each area of study has seen its share of misinformation. Yet, as clinical trials continue to correlate the positive impacts found in psychoactive chemicals and their ability to alter the neural structures of the human brain, treatment and success stories will prove to be the pivotal player in altering the way the public views these misunderstood chemicals.

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