Awakn Life Sciences: Cornering The Addiction Curing Business Niche

  • Awakn Life science has begun clinical work on addiction curing treatments.
  • Product pipeline has shown promising early data.
  • the ability to commercialize at scale has yet to be seen.
  • Depleted share price is a great opportunity for risk-averse investors

Curing The Untreated Addiction Market

Addiction is one of the most unsettling yet necessary corners of the market that needs to be addressing. There are people silently suffering at the hands of their active addictions that need treatment. For a long time there has been stigmatization for people in active addiction which has caused a steep uphill battle for addiction treatment company’s

Substance% Of All Drug Users% of Adult Drug Usership
Prescription stimulants46%9%
Prescription pain medication31%6%
Prescription sedatives5%1%
Source: (Substance Abuse Statistics 2022)

These statistics about drug abuse should be shocking and alarming for many people. These drugs are classified as federally illicit substances for recreational use, yet doctors actively prescribe them. The entire pharmaceutical complex has been hurting Americans for years. Awkn Life Sciences (AWKNF) offers a drastic change to the draconian history of addiction treatment.


Awakn April 2022 Corporate Presentation

Source: (Awakn April 2022 Corporate Presentation)

Who Is Awakn Life Sciences?

Awakn is the center of unmet medical needs. The growing market addiction treatment market should reach $200 Billion by 2027. This is a massive industry ripe for disruption. Awakn’s drug pipeline has shown promising early results. I continue to look for the commercialization plan for Awakn’s products.

Product Pipeline Will Help Future Revenue

Awakn has been targeting a few segments of addiction. These will help specialize the company’s focus and narrow the drugs the company wants to manufacture. Awakn specializes in Alcohol use disorder (AUD) where they have a Phase II A/B Trial testing for their ketamine-based therapy. This focus, coupled with non-substance-based additions such as food disorders and gambling, will allow Awakn to have profitable revenue coming from its core product pipeline.

Awakn April 2022 Corporate Presentation

Source: (Awakn April 2022 Corporate Presentation)

There is a major prevalence of addition within our society. These can come from a variety of sources but are all rooted in the same central cause. Illness needs treatment and Awakn offers an innovative approach to treatment that other research centers and facilities cant offer consumers. With continued research and acceptance of alternative-based therapies such as ketamine and MDMA treatments, Awakn will see life. 

Commercialization Efforts Will Be Crucial

Commercialization for any drug is the major key that many companies can miss. Awakn may only have a 30M dollar market cap but they have a variety of drugs in their pipeline that have shown promising data. With both ketamine and MDMA based treatments, there is a variety of treatment options for similar addiction illnesses. This creates a proprietary moat Awakn has around their medicine and they are allowed to license their treatments as they see fit. This will be a major boon for the early commercialization effort.


Awakn April 2022 Corporate Presentation

Source: (Awakn April 2022 Corporate Presentation)

There are a variety of therapies in the production pipeline. If these treatments are approved there may be bigger investors looking to acquire an interest in the sector. This may provide risks but with the current momentum of their pipeline, Awakn will be hard to stop moving forward. I look forward to covering Awakn Life Sciences in the future.


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