Changing The Public’s View On Psychedelic Therapeutics With Mydecine Innovation’s Dr. Jetly

The Dales Report continues its conversation with Dr. Rakesh Jetly, chief medical officer at Mydecine Innovations, looking to gain more insight into the ongoing clinical trials targeting smoking cessation.

While the pair talk about everything from timelines to federal regulations, Shadd decides to directly address what could possibly be the most difficult hurdle to clear of them all… winning over the public.

“How do you get people convinced if and when the drug becomes commercialized? What would be your approach?”

Dales elaborates a bit on this question and addresses the obvious apprehension he expects to find in the unconvinced public.

“There’s going to be some apprehension as far as people saying, Do I mentally want to go through like a psychedelic experience? That sounds nerve-racking and scary. Right?”

Dr. Jetly hopes that Mydecine’s emphasis on scientific evidence from the world’s leading researchers will give the brand, and psychedelics as a whole, the stamp of credibility he feels many new-age health industries have managed to sidestep.

“I think other industries that are sort of playing around in the health field,” states Dr. Jetly. “They sort of bypass the medical institution? They bypass the doctors, right? And, you know, a lot of industries, you know, natural industry and the marijuana industry to some extent did that.”

Mydecine is embracing the opportunity to have its product tested and scrutinized by the most highly trained professionals on the planet.

“I think if people’s trusted health professionals say hey, there’s actually something to this… it’s what happened with acupuncture, right?”

He explains how a team of researchers led by Toronto’s Bruce Pomerance introduced the dopamine theory.

“hey took away the romantic explanation of acupuncture and kind of explained it scientifically, which kind of makes it less fun, but now insurance companies cover it, doctors do it, and physiotherapists as well.”

“So the whole idea is to almost demystify the mystical experience.”

Dr. Jetly points out that all medications have side effects, and nothing administered in the medical or pharmaceutical world can be deemed 100% effective and safe. But as evidence continues to mount in support for the use of psychoactive chemicals in therapeutic situations, he remains confident that Mydecine and its offerings will soon see the same widespread acceptance found with most standard medical offerings available today.

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