Havn Life Submits Range of Psychedelic Products to Health Canada for 2021 Launch

Vancouver-based Havn Life, a company focused on providing alternative medicine including psychedelics to fight mental illnesses, has submitted a wide range of products to Health Canada.

This new step in the company’s business strategy involves a great deal of scientific research to further the research on psychedelic medicine and its benefits. It seems like Havn Life is on an upward climb by submitting these products to Health Canada as the biotechnology company is focused on the future development of psychedelic medicine bringing it into the consumer markets.

The company’s Chief Scientific Officer, Gary Leong, said in an interview, “At Havn Life we are focused on developing Natural Health Products for Havn Retail that build on and complement the work being done in our Havn Labs division with psychedelic compounds. In today’s world, the prospect of searching for effective, safe and natural remedies to address mental wellness issues is very compelling,” adds Leong. “I’m not sure if mental issues are more prevalent today or if we are just more aware and more receptive to acknowledging it, but regardless, there is a major, growing crisis at hand.  We see it in our health costs and most poignantly in social indicators such as the opiate crisis.”

Leong also has great tenure in the health industry as he also served as Chief Scientific Officer for natural health manufacturer, Jamieson Laboratories Limited. Leong also has experience and tenure in the cannabis industry as he formerly served at cannabis giant Aphria Inc. where his role included establishing and overseeing the quality assurance, quality control, research and development aspects of the company.

Psychedelic medicine and research have been increasing post-COVID-19 as millions of people across the world continue their financial, social, and mental health struggles to adjust in phase III of the pandemic. Moreover, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Canada also reported that the pandemic has had a negative effect on the mental health of Canadians, with many having their stress levels doubled. According to  an Angus Reid survey conducted earlier this year,  “When it comes to household relationships, those Hardest Hit are four times more likely to say these are suffering – compared to just a handful among those Managing Well.”

These factors are enabling psychedelics companies such as Havn Life to create new solutions as the pandemic evolves. Therefore, Havn Life has submitted a range of supplements including a mushroom mix that may address cognitive performance and regulation.

Investors should note that the submission of these supplements to Health Canada will allow the company  to continue on track with their launch  of retail products by early 2021

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