Guaranteed Money #21: How A March Madness Cinderella Story Can Mean Big Bucks

On this Episode of Guaranteed Money, Host Ryan Doyle and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell are looking forward to April 4, when Ontario opens a licensed, regulated iGaming market. How will the government product PROLINE OLG fare when it comes into competition with 30 other players? Varrell and Doyle have some opinions on the matter.

The NFL is looking to get their product to viewers who want to cut the cable, and streaming might just offer them a way get their hands on more money. Does the digital ecosystem make sense for sports, especially with the pandemic coming to an end?

Also on this episode: Doyle and Varrell talk WWE and the deal with Fanatics, discussing whether or not the WWE might follow in the footsteps of the UFC with collectables and NFTs. We check out Nike and discuss how deep of a hold the company might have on the Metaverse with Nike Land and take a look at how much a Cinderella story like St. Peter’s truly costs a sportsbook.

We want to hear from you – should college athletes be allowed to advertise for casinos? Are you living in Ontario and looking forward to next week because of the new iGaming? Have a listen to our conversation and then drop your thoughts in the comments on this podcast. To view episode 20 click here.

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