Guaranteed Money Episode 20: Scores Big With World Cup Deal

There’s a major new gaming deal for the UFC, and host Ryan Doyle and Anthony Varrell, millennial entrepreneur, are taking a close look in this episode of Guaranteed Money.

Also on this episode, a little on sports cards and more that didn’t get discussed while in Vegas. NFL news was blowing up. Season tickets, draft picks, and more… Doyle and Varrell share their thoughts on these, plus what’s happening in the CFL arena and updates on March Madness.

On April 4, there will be 30 players entering the Ontario sports betting market. Media is comparing sports betting to being ‘the new cannabis,’ but is making a comparison like that fair? Varrell says yes and no. Sure, we’ve had a formerly illegal activity become legal, but in other ways for investors, it won’t be the same at all.

The markets are a rollercoaster due to the war and other factors, with many investors becoming risk adverse. Find out what stocks are probably going to take the biggest hits if the inflation doesn’t get reined in.

Lastly, the big news: The FIFA World Cup in Qatar has a controversial sponsor with a major crypto player, giving crypto a huge boost into the international spotlight. It’s great news in some ways, but Varrell’s not entirely happy. Find out why when you listen to this episode of Guaranteed money.  To view episode 19 click here.

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