Guaranteed Money #58: How Fanduel Landed Pat McAfee And Stay A Step Ahead

In this edition of Guaranteed Money, host Ryan Doyle has a faceoff with Connor Murray, Vice President of marketing for Fanduel. They’re one of the giants in the sports wagering space, and had a fun time launching in Ontario. But what makes them tick, and where are they headed?

Connor feels that Fanduel already has the best user experience in every market they operate in, and when it comes to building the future, Fanduel’s got some big, lofty ambitions. This may be why already, the brand has 34% of the total ad impressions in tv, sports, and gambling. Fanduel’s out to be number one, says Connor, and that means the company has to win on multiple fronts.

Why was it was important to sign Pat McAffe to a $120 million dollar deal? Ryan and Connor dig into this move by Fanduel, trying to lock up a huge personality for the brand.

With Ontario online, Fanduel’s free to take on other growth opportunities. It’s no secret that some of the states in the US have been holding out on giving the green light to gambling operators. Ryan asks what other kinds of challenges the company faces, and Connor admits that there’s a whole team dedicated to tackling these problems as they roll out state by state.

If you had to guess, what do you the main concern surrounding in-game betting is? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. And don’t miss out on the full episode, where you’ll hear more about the evolution of AI gaming and sports betting technology, where there’s gaps just waiting to be filled in by the gaming operators, and why having a diverse consumer base is so vital. Plus, thoughts on the ever-popular hot topics of the metaverse and NFTs. That and more in this episode of Guaranteed Money!

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