Guaranteed Money #59: MaximBet CEO Discusses Signing Nicki Minaj And Betting Done Different

If you missed episode 50 of Guaranteed Money, you might want to go back for a refresh, because MaximBet and how Niki Minaj became a significant stakeholder and global ambassador. The CEO of MaximBet, Daniel Graetzer, joins host Ryan Doyle today to discuss that all-important signing of Niki Minaj and what the hell is going on.

The tweet a couple of weeks ago about Niki joining MaximBet, and the comments on episode 50 caught fire. We love hearing from you and it’s getting seen by the businesses, so be sure to join in the conversations happening in the comments of every episode.

But for now, let’s talk about how in-the-public’s face MaximBet is compared to some of their peers. Ryan had to tip his hat to MaximBet for their social media team being willing to engage with him; not every company’s willing to respond in more than a limited fashion in the Twitterverse. Daniel says MaximBet’s brand is lifestyle, and they want other people to know about the brand, which is why they’re doing things different.

MaximBet is a partner of Maxim magazine. Daniel says they leverage the brand but also their events. Hear from Daniel on how they manage to sell that messaging to the public and get it into the consumer base. It’s all about the experience.

Of course, the big news is the brand ambassador Niki Minaj. Daniel says MaximBet’s been thinking about brand ambassadors for a while, and in his opinion, an ambassador had to be more than just someone put on the cover of a promotional tool.

You’ll hear all about it when you tune into this episode of Guaranteed Money. Also in this episode: Daniel and Ryan talk about the Canadian market and the challenges anticipated, the Raptors, and where game wagering is expected to go in the next few months – and years. That and more, don’t miss the podcast!

To view our episode #58 click here.

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