Guaranteed Money Episode 15: Brian Musburger And VSiN In Vegas

Still on the road in Vegas, this episode of Guaranteed Money we’re pleased to welcome Brian Musburger, CEO of Vegas Sports Information Network (VSiN). VSiN, which was acquired by DraftKings around this time last year, is a multi-platform broadcast and content company that has been delivering sports betting news, analysis, and data to sports bettors since 2017.

It is currently THE largest sports betting network in the world.

Host Ryan Doyle and Musburger talk about how the VSiN was conceived, pitched, and launched, becoming one of the first movers in the space. Being first comes with perks. Find out the successes that they’ve had, especially with big names, as a result of it.

Also in this episode: what does the future have in store for VSiN and the betting industry itself, which Musburger believes is still in its infancy? What are the biggest challenges that marketing will have to tackle to make sports betting an even bigger phenomenon than it is already? And what sort of impact will cryptocurrency and NFTs have on Vegas, sports betting, and the companies trying to operate in this space?

Lastly, March Madness is proving to be huge for sports betting. Just how huge, you might ask? Find out when you listen to the whole podcast on this episode of Guaranteed Money with Ryan Doyle, right here on The Dales Report. To view episode 14 click here.

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