Guaranteed Money Episode # 18: Circa CEO Derek Stevens

Ryan Doyle and Anthony Varrell are joined by Circa CEO Derek Stevens on this episode of Guaranteed Money. We’re in Vegas, pool-side at the only casino on the planet where sports betting and bikinis go hand in hand, and if you listen in, you’ll get some insights on the inner thoughts of Circa’s CEO.

Circa has a two-story casino, a three-story sportsbook, 777 hotel rooms, five restaurants, and a six-tiered swimming pool area. Brian Musburger, CEO of VSiN, sees huge opportunities in Stevens’ vision. Find out what makes Circa stand out and why Musburger’s singing praises.

Also on this episode: what growing pains does Stevens foresee in the near future, and where does he think the sports betting industry is headed? And how does one balance the tightrope between the luxury/ exclusivity feel and being accessible enough that new money and new gamblers feel comfortable walking through the door?

Technology might be a great tool in the sports betting scene, and we can see how apps are making inroads into more traditional forms of betting. Where will it go from there? For now, it’s all about the viewing experience, but as the industry evolves, is infrastructure in crypto or NFTs being put into place, on the Horizon for Circa?

Listen to the full podcast right here on The Dales Report. To view episode 17 click here.

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