Guaranteed Money Episode 19: Why Esports Are Officially On Betting Radars

Back at home after their trip to the Vegas strip, host Ryan Doyle and millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell are back together again to look at Esports and March Madness.

Retrospectively, March Madness seems hotter than ever, with Ryan and Anthony having seen some crazy per-seat minimums at the casinos – ones that weren’t even in the sports book. Will it be as ‘mad’ in baseball season or for the world cup in the fall? Ryan seems to think that millennials have a certain type of sports betting that they want to go in on, and it might look surprising to older populations, compared to the way sports betting was before.

Ryan and Anthony also chat about sports betting legalization in the states. Who’s interested, who’s holding out? And what might it look like in other locations because it seems unlikely people will be able to recreate the Vegas experience on the coasts.

Esports: Ryan believes this is going to be the next big thing when people place wagers. What sorts of games has he bet on, and what other games might attract a bettor audience?

Lastly, A-Rod is on the forefront of a great betting idea, and Anthony and Ryan weigh in on who they think will be victorious in this weekend’s Sweet Sixteen. Listen to the whole episode of Guaranteed Money above to get the scoop. To view episode 18 click here.

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