Guaranteed Money Episode #74: Matt Kalish Gives Insight Into DraftKings

DraftKings’ President and co-founder, Matt Kalish, joins Ryan Doyle on this episode of Guaranteed Money. This company wasn’t a household name too long ago, but in the last decade, they’ve popped into our lives and now can be found everywhere.  

Matt takes us back to the origins of the brand, how he and his partners one day decided ‘What if you could play fantasy drafts every day and compete for cash?’ It’s a fantastic story, and now DraftKings is a solidly built, large company that’s grown from its startup days. They must be doing something right, because Matt says the vast majority of those early employees are still there. He also talks about how the company is pivoting into sports wagering. This is something that hadn’t been on their radar until around 2016, when the New Jersey Supreme Court case happened.

Matt talks about what’s stood out about the sports wagering space the last couple of years. Find out what he thinks about sports books and that experience. And where might the voters of California turn come November? Ryan and Matt share their thoughts on the debate.

If you haven’t yet seen them, DraftKings has been making some great commercials for Rainmakers. Ryan asks Matt to share a little bit about what Rainmakers football is, and how it’s different than their current daily fantasy product. Matt says that DraftKings has built out a better Web 3 strategy, looking forward to the future. Find out how that and Rainmakers fits into their plan to serve the interests of a lot of their players.

Matt admits that DraftKings doesn’t often launch products. If you listen into the podcast, you’ll find out why, and you’ll hear his thoughts on NFTs as well. We’d love to hear from you, whether you agree. But you’ll hear all this and more about DraftKings’ future plans in this episode of Guaranteed Money! After you tune in for the full podcast, be sure to like and subscribe so you never miss an episode.

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