Trade to Black Podcast: How An 850lb Brownie Made MariMed Famous

How does an 850lb brownie take marketing to the next level for cannabis company MariMed? You’ll find out on this episode of the Trade to Black Podcast where Shadd Dales has a chat with Bob Fireman, CEO of MariMed, Inc. (OTCMKTS: MRMD), at the Benzinga Cannabis Capital Conference in Miami.

MariMed had an exciting April, having just recently completed the acquisition of vertically integrated cannabis business Kind Therapeutics, which had been leasing MariMed’s 180,000 square foot cultivation facility. Fireman hopes that in light of Maryland’s approved November referendum to allow adult use of cannabis products, MariMed will be well equipped to take advantage of this new opportunity, and to bring equity to the space.

MariMed’s Difference: Inclusivity And Quality

When asked about what sets MariMed apart from other MSOs, Fireman says “I think the biggest one is that we’re not a company that went to Canada, raised a ton of money, and started to buy different cannabis businesses in different states, trying to assimilate them as to cultures and systems. I think we’re a company that’s completely organically developed as an advisor.”

The MariMed team’s been together for over 10 years, says Fireman. And in that time, they’ve been helping people win licenses, developed their facilities and SOPs, and trained workforce in cultivation of cannabis. Ultimately, the company is an inclusive atmosphere where people are happy to come to work.

It’s paying off, Fireman believes. He says that word of mouth has helped make their brands among the top in every market that they have. MariMed is now readying itself to expand their brownie and gummy brands across the United States, and ultimately into Canada.

How Great Gummies And A Giant Brownie Helped MariMed Become Known

Betty’s Eddies was developed by the company’s COO and Chief Revenue Officer. All-natural, quick acting, great tasting, high quality, and outselling other brands. “It’s really continued that sort of quality that’s put into the product … is now in our new Bubby’s Baked old-fashioned cookies and brownies,” says Fireman.

National Brownie Day was when MariMed decided to launch the Bubby’s Baked brand, and their marketing tactic was pretty sweet. To celebrate the launch of the newest product, MariMed unveiled an 850lb brownie, infused with 20,000mg of THC.

It was three feet wide, three feet long, and 15 inches tall. The viral fanfare was nearly as massive as the brownie itself, which Fireman says has translated into a huge wave of awareness of MariMed as a company.

It’s clear they’re doing something right: MariMed doubled their revenue and earnings in 2020, and did the same thing in 21. Fireman says that ’22 and ’23 are only going to be better. Be sure to check out the full podcast to hear more about MariMed’s value to prospective investors.

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