Catch Upcoming Cannabis Catalysts From $MSOS Monday

Welcome back to TDR’s Trade To Black Podcast. Did you miss yesterday’s live streamed $MSOS Monday? We’ve got the VOD so you can catch up on everything we covered with $MSOS legend, Dan S. Ahrens. Dan is the Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer of AdvisorShares ETFs and he’ll be joining us every Monday to talk about the industry. So be sure to head on over to YouTube and like and subscribe so you never miss another Monday night episode.

Last week, X was on fire following John Schroyer tweeting about a possibly ‘imminent’ rescheduling of cannabis. Green Thumb Industry ($GTII) CEO Ben Kovler tweet about DEA’s rescheduling decision also sparked a massive Twitter debate. Social media antics, or something more serious? Anthony, Cody and Shadd break the tweet down and give their thoughts. Be sure to share if you have some of your own.

Germany is busy gearing up to legalize cannabis, which would mean it joins the ranks of Malta and Luxembourg as the third in the EU to allow adult use. The leaders of the Traffic Light Coalition announced they were able to reach a deal on cannabis legalization, apparently smoothing out the disagreements of the legislation. We’ll give you all the details.

Last big headline, Pennsylvania moving closer to cannabis legalization. The House Health Subcommittee on Health Care discussed cannabis and associated policy reform at their Monday meeting with representatives from several MSOs participating. This is the third hearing focused on legalization. A health committee hearing quote says it all: “This is going to happen…”

Drive into the drama, decisions, and developments in this with us. You won’t want to miss these headlines, and the $MSOS Monday stock news with Dan S. Ahrens.

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