Upcoming Market Uptrends Based on Latest Cannabis Company Earnings

In this Trade to Black podcast, host Shadd Dales, lead financial writer Benjamin A. Smith, and millennial investor Anthony Varrell get together to look deeper on the latest earnings report of the major cannabis companies. Not only is it earnings season, the recent SAFE Banking hearing is also already making waves, and we’re debating how it might impact the industry and affect its overall health.

We’ve directly heard from cannabis companies recently on Trade to Black podcasts over the last two weeks and examined others – Verano, MariMed, Truelieve, and Cronos Group are among them. Which company raked top market performance? How does their Q1 earnings reports predict the future of the cannabis market? And how are they feeling about their guidance? We’re going to break some of that down.

It has been 10 years since SAFE was introduced. How are we feeling about the ongoing hearing? Is there hope? Anthony and Ben have been keeping a close eye on what’s happening at Capitol Hill, and they have some thoughts.

Even if they continue to stall, the proverbial cat is out of the bag. People are buying cannabis, and it is here to stay, Anthony says. There’s a lot of education and growth that needs to happen on the distribution side of the market, and the train wrecks we’ve seen may be a part of the government’s failure to embrace the trend. Still, despite the issues there are some MSOs that are being efficient and cash positive, and they’re the ones likely to not only survive but thrive. There’s a rising Florida market for certain, and we examine the footprint that Ayr Wellness has.

Are companies are keeping up with their market growth as they apply branding cultures to capture wider consumers? We also dive deeper on the possible market trends and impacts of the advancing ad cultures that can potentially change the marketing structure of the industry. What can smaller companies learn from the top cannabis MSOs latest earnings and how does this affect investors’ point of view about the space? Here’s the latest.

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