Eight Capital Analysts Believe Canopy Is Going Down

TerrAscend has had a watershed moment, and Canopy Growth reaches $0 price target. Welcome to our latest Trade to Black podcast. Host Shadd Dales, millennial entrepreneur Anthony Varrell, and lead financial writer Benjamin A. Smith are back together to discuss some of the latest happenings in the cannabis, psychedelics, and crypto industries. We’re also going to tackle the big question: is Canopy going down?

Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, TerrAscend (TSX: TSND, CNSX: TER, OTCQX: TSNDF) is a leading North American multistate cannabis operator. We hosted the executive chairman on our show last week about TerrAscend’s successful journey to listing on the TSX, and why this is such an important milestone for cannabis. There is a great deal of hope that this move might help trigger a NASDAQ listing in the near future.

In a previous podcast we talked about their cease trade order and made some predictions on whether or not Canopy could still survive with its good branding recall, but with their recent numbers and $5 billion continuous loss, analysts are convinced that the company is sinking. We’ll talk about the hard facts and the capital analysts who believe their days are numbered. If Canopy indeed goes down, what happens to investors then? We’ll discuss that too.

Also on the agenda for this podcast: in other cannabis news, Curaleaf acquired Clever Leaves Portugal. In psychedelics, we’ll examine Cybin’s 100% market surge, the astonishing possibility of a 100% cure rate for PTSD, and the $120 price target for Compass Pathways. Will MDMA get descheduled? And what is the outlook for the psychedelic industry now compared to cannabis’?

There’s been rumblings in the crypto sphere, especially from Binance. We’ll take a quick dive into Bitcoin’s outlook on being recognized as the digital gold and how a digital gold standard might revolutionize the finance industry.

Will crypto go mainstream and change the finance landscape? Here’s the latest.

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