Trade to Black Podcast: Zappy Zapolin On The Future Psychedelics Industry

On this episode of Trade to Black, we’re still in Miami at the Benzinga conference, talking about the future of the psychedelics industry with Zappy Zapolin.

The award-winning filmmaker Mike ‘Zappy’ Zapolin is both an entrepreneur and investor in the expanding psychedelic space. We had the chance to meet him late last year, along with Lamar Odom, former NBA Star.

Zapolin has a newsletter called Palm Beach Special Ops which covers ‘fringe’ topics ranging from psychedelics to plant-based lab-grown meat – things he believes are going to be “the saving grace of society.” Three years from now, he believes people will be able to go to their local pharmacy and grab some psilocybin. Here’s more on how Zappy Zapolin thinks the psychedelics industry will look in the next three years.

Biotech Possibly To Come Back Strong

One of the best things about the current times, says Zappy, is that the science keeps getting better and better. With the biotech industry taking a heavy hit in the last 18 months, there’s a potential for a strong rebound as data produced in the last year comes to fruition.

Zappy Zapolin’s first prediction about the next few years of the psychedelics industry: ketamine will be widespread, to treat veterans and PTSD. Then likely Ibogaine to break addictions. On the heels of that, in three years, he says microdosing will “be kind of what maybe CBD is.”

10 Years Of Therapy In One Session Out Of Your Own Home

Home treatments is another thing Zappy Zapolin believes will become more widespread in the psychedelics industry. Part of this is COVID mentality, where people are less inclined to go sit in a doctor’s office. For the rest, the clinic model he calls “very inconvenient, unless you have a lot of money.”

With the at-home ketamine treatments, Zappy says, “You get to have it, at night in your own place, nobody has to drive you. … I don’t think people want to go into clinics and sit there during your office hours. It’s a bad business model.”

Nurses are being trained to guide people over TeleMed, he explains. One lozenge will be sent to your house, it melts on your tongue, and then you schedule a session guided by the nurse and assisted by someone else in your house who can communicate with them. Zapolin says ketamine plus an empathetic person who knows what they’re doing, “you can do 10 years of therapy in like one one-hour session.”

The Importance Of Raising Consciousness

Some in the space believe that by as soon as 2045, the average person will be 1 billion more times intelligent than today. If that is true, Zapolin believes that people that intelligent could have a very destructive capability unless we raise our consciousness and start doing it now. Without it, we won’t be ready to handle that level of technology. And Zapolin says that the only way he’s seen someone get more empathy is either from a psychedelic experience, or a near death experience.

Watch the full interview to hear all of what Zappy Zapolin has to say on psychedelics and be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments of this episode!

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