Getting Hired In Esports

 If you’re looking to get a job in esports, there has never been a better time to search in the growing industry.

Where to find a job in esports

Photo Credit: Hitmarker

For a lot of kids growing up, working in sports (or being a ballplayer) was something they could only dream of. As sports like the NFL and MLB matured, more and more spots opened up to work within the industry. From marketing to front of house operations, many of those same opportunities are now being found within esports.

Finding the right opportunity in esports is never easy, but that is why organizations like Hitmarker and Esports CCP partner up to create new solutions. Their partnership focuses around data analytics sharing between websites, and will result in case studies being published on entry level positions in the industry.

Hitmarker has become the de facto place to find a job in esports due to its deep database of employers, intuitive design, and innovation. While Hitmarker is working to improve its collegiate esports bonafides, eFuse.gg has been working on improving its “pipeline for collegiate” over the past year.

For prospective collegiate talent, eFuse is building a database of high school players in various games to showcase them to collegiate programs nationwide. For colleges, it offers a piece of the puzzle for programs looking to find quality players fill varsity spots that would otherwise be next to impossible to find.

Even though high school esports has taken some big jumps recently, it has not reached anything close to traditional sports in terms of recruiting, and that means scouting is both harder and less rewarding for all but the highest level recruits. eFuse also features an “opportunity” page where you can find a mix of jobs, scholarships, and events within esports and gaming.

Finding a job in esport can happen on traditional websites or mediums as well. Some jobs can only be found through the recommendation of a colleague, friend, or mentor and others are found through recruitment services. If you get turned away by a job don’t be discouraged! Let’s look at some resume tips and how you can make yourself stand out.

How to stand out in esports

Making yourself stand out in esports is not easy, but its necessary as the amount of competition for positions grows. First things first, you need to have a good idea of where in the industry you want to end up.

If you’re looking to be a video editor or work in media production, the earlier you can learn skills to excel the better your chances of finding a position out of HS/college. If you’re looking to do writing/journalism then explore working on your high school newspaper or start a blog on Medium.

Its the little things that might not be front and center on a resume that make you a better skilled individual to ensure you excel at future internships, entry level jobs, and at completing certifications.

In addition to creating a traditional resume, building a website portfolio can be a great way to build an interactive profile to put in front of job seekers. Using tools such as Adobe Portfolio, I was able to build a website that looks both professional and includes information/context that you might not find on a regular resume.

Building a resume is tough and standing out can be harder, but it can be done! If you run out of ideas, just remember to always look to improve both your personal brand and skills through certifications in your field, creating content on social media and your websites, and always network within your field.

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